Sidebar Demo

This is a WordPress post (not page). It has a sidebar on the right. The Amazon banner that appeared in the sidebar was created by the Auto Azon Banner WordPress plugin.

The banner will show 3 Amazon products (or, it will only show 1-2 products if the blog visitor’s screen resolution is too small). The banner does have an “X” button on the top right, if your visitor wants to close it.

At the very bottom of the banner, there’s a price disclaimer that Amazon requires.

There are many ways that Auto Azon Banner can search for products. It can automatically detect the search term a visitor typed in the search engines to land on your blog, it can use the post/page tags, use the post/page title or even use custom keywords you specify.

To add the banner to the sidebarĀ  go under “Appearance ==> Widgets” and then drag and drop the Auto Azon Banner widget in your sidebar.

If a post or page has a sidebar, then the banner will appear in it. The banner will not appear a second time on the far right of the screen. If a post or page doesn’t have a sidebar, then the banner will just appear on the far right of the screen.

If you want, you can specify different settings and keywords for every single post and page (or, you can just use the default settings for every page and post). For this post, I have used the keyword “Garmin Zumo”, Amazon subcategory “Electronics ==> Car and Vehicle Electronics”, and a price range of $500-$700.

Here’s what others say about Auto Azon Banner:

“works great on all types of niches and the display is wonderful”

“Being a lazy sort, this has a great deal of appeal to me. Being a greedy sort, this method of making commissions the easy was is also appealing.”

“works like a charm…”

“so simple yet so powerful”

“Another simple and easy plugin to use that saves time for other projects.”

“Anyone looking for a great way to make some money from amazon needs to get this plugin”

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